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HTS was started in the shop at Dave’s home in Veneta, OR. The first job was a 2 year project at Seneca Sawmill. Thanks to Ed Komori and Aaron Jones (may they rest in peace) for having the confidence in Dave and giving him the opportunity to start his business off in the right direction. Six months after starting HTS Dave hired Don Hadden. Don is still an active and vital key to the company. In 2000 Gary Bowers was hired and is also still employed with HTS. He is the head of the repair department and an excellent field technician.

Dave the Founder of HTS


Dave leased a building in Eugene as a new home for HTS. This is when the repair department was introduced. Repairs have grown to be a large part of the company. In 2004 Roger Steiner joined HTS as an inside salesman and engineering which he is still doing today.


With the company growing to 10 employees and a large customer base our inventory and machinery were out growing the building. Dave then decided to purchase property and build a new building.


Dave broke ground at 1275 Renne St. Eugene, OR and started on the new building for his growing business. The building was completed the summer of 2012 and we moved in September 2012.


After 8 months of getting settled in we had our official open house in May 2013 which happened to be a day that was 100 degrees. Despite the heat we had a great turn out and BBQ for our customers.


HTS now has 13 employees. We continue to grow each and every day. In January Dave hired Tyler Trumbull as the General Manager. In March we hired a machinist and started our own machine shop. HTS has become a well-rounded business. Whether it is a part that is needed or a Power Unit built HTS will take care of your needs.

HTS front building
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