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Don Hadden

Service Tech, Fabrication and Trouble Shooting

Since March 1997

Gary Bowers

Repairs, Service Tech, Outside Sales, and Trouble Shooting

Since June 2000

Carl Christian

Carl Christian

Account Manager

Since January 2013


David Luce

Sr. Inside Sales and Repairs

Since June 2010

Debbie Vaughan

Office Manager and Inside Sales

Since April 2012

Tyler Trumbull

General Manager

Since February 2017

Jordan Ray

Shipping and Receiving

Since April 2017

Joel Shoop

Account Manager

Since September 2019

Joe’l Lawson

Administrative Assistant

Since February 2020

Steve Gilpin


Since November 2020

Jason Gormandy


Since August 2021

Kevin Larsen

Repair Coordinator

Since September 2021

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